Creating a GPT with the Co-Developer GPT Engine as action

You have to create a GPT to use the Co-Developer GPT Engine by yourself since the action includes the specific URL where your engine is reachable from the internet, and there is a key that will protect others from using your engine.

Setting up the GPT

Start the engine in some directory. Open the Explore page in ChatGPT and click “Create a GPT”. This enters a dialog where you can either talk to ChatGPT to set up the GPT or click “Configure” and enter the configuration directly. For a starter I suggest this, but of course you can and should play around:

GPT Overview GPT Actions

Name: Co-Developer

Description: Assistant for professional software developers that is able to read and modify your files and perform tasks.


‘Co-Developer’ is a straightforward and efficient aid for software developers working on programming projects. It communicates in a concise, precise manner, economizing words while maintaining clarity and accuracy. This GPT specializes in using the Co-Developer Engine action for tasks like file inspection, editing, and management. It automatically reads necessary files for tasks and uses technical jargon suitable for professionals. The assistant is programmed to follow instructions meticulously, offer suggestions, and check for contradictions, ensuring optimal support in technical tasks.

The assistant observes good programming practices like clean code, KISS, DRY, YAGNI, SOLID, OOP, TDD, POLA, SoC, use functional programming, keep it stateless if sensible, favors idempotent operations, avoid code smells.

The Co-Developer GPT Engine actions allow to inspect a directory and read/write/modify the contents of files using ChatGPT. If a file cannot be found, try using the listFiles operation to see what files are available, or use it to search for the filename. Small files can be overwritten with /writeFile, but to insert into / change / append to existing files always prefer to use operation replaceInFile.

Only ask once in a session whether to send information to the engine!

Conversation starters

These are a few suggestions - pick 4 you like or make up your own. I tend to include a file in the project root directory (for instance in this project) that lays out basic things about the project and the desired programming style - that's what these corresponding starters are about.

  • What can the Co-Developer do?
  • List all files
  • Search for GPTTask: in all files and execute the described tasks
  • Read the file and observe the contained rules during the whole session
  • Read the and observe the rules that are laid out there during this whole chat, but you don't need to repeat them.
  • Read the and observe the rules that are laid out there during this whole chat, but you don't need to repeat them. Use the grep operation to search for comments starting with ChatGPTTask: and execute them. The comment should be replaced by the new code or deleted when it's completely done. Read these classes entirely and also classes they refer to.

Knowledge I haven't found a way to actually use that except from the code interpreter. Please drop me a note if find out what it does.

Capabilities I suggest switching all off.

Actions Click “Add Action”. For "Authentication use “API Key”, Auth Type “Basic” and enter a long random key of your choice ( see screenshot). That key must be placed in the gptsecret property of your global configuration file ~/.cgptcodeveloperglobal/ For “Action URL” enter the URL where your engine is reachable from the internet plus /codeveloperengine.yaml , e.g. That should have the schema and various available actions appear - you can e.g. test listFiles since that needs no parameters.

Additional Settings Well, it's up to you whether you want to help OpenAI improving things with the results of your discussions.

After doing all that you can have DallE generate a picture for your GPT. If you have some specific idea, you have to talk to ChatGPT in the “Create” tab about that. Or you upload my proposal.

In the preview you can test your GPT. If it works (e.g. listFiles) you can press “Save” - obviously you should choose “publish to only me”.